Community Pool (Passive) Investor

We can assist community investors who do not want the hassle of property management yet would like to invest in our Real Estate Investment Fund (REIF) for an annual return of 10% – 20%. A minimum investment of $100,000, in liquid assets, is required to join our Serene Holdings fund (dba: Pinnacle Portfolio fund) that invests in Commercial & Residential real estate in the DFW metroplex with a local and reputable builder and developer.

Real estate investment can be held in a self directed IRA account for tax free growth till retirement or held outside an IRA based on investor needs.

For further information about establishing a Self direct IRA account please contact the providers given below:
The Entrust Group
IRA Services Trust

Individual (Active) Investor

Looking to invest in rental real estate for flipping or monthly rental income? We can find properties that are below market value to flip within 180 days with or without rehabilitation. And we can also find properties that will provide a positive cash flow for long term investment needs. The investor needs to have a minimum of 20% down payment in liquid assets (proof needed) and pre-approved for financing to buy a property worth $250,000 or more.